Past Contributers


Our commitment to pedagogy and learning is reflected in our staffing -our studio frequently providing the first opportunity for many architecture students to experience professional practice. 
We want to say thank you to all those that throughout the years have helped shaped our studio!


Shea Gouthro

Duncan Sabiston

Luísa Cassol

Dave Freedman

Leon Lai

Sophia Panova

Dave Reeves

Nicole Tomasi

Alex Warwick

Edith Yu

Yasmin Al-Samarrai
Andre Almeida
Billy Chung
Ehran Holm
Omri Menashe
Regina Park
Alexis Schneider
Evan Wakelin
Raquel de Vargas


Andrea Norris

Chansoo Byeo

Federica Costa

Francesca Joyce

Sávio de Oliveira

Andrea Pisanu

Sonja Tijanic

Cheryl Wan

Hamza Vora