Walker Avenue Patio



This relatively simple project in mid-town Toronto involved creating an enticing private outdoor space for a client by reworking a back deck and fence. The property is in a row of several near-identical townhomes, none of which have backyards. The focus was therefore the deck, an extension of the ground floor leading to a mews-like back alleyway with hard paving to accommodate parking underneath.

We enlarged the deck to 20 by 20 feet, and our approach for the fence was to create a privacy screen by retaining the design language in the area – most of the adjacent decks are cedar – in a pattern of streamlined ‘leaves’ that references the home’s abundant foliage.

The fence boards were machine cut based upon a limited set of types that repeat to form random patterns. The result is an ample outdoor entertaining area that maintains privacy from the lane while engaging natural light, reflections, and greenery.


Location: Toronto, ON.
Photography: Scott Norsworthy

Walker Avenue DiagramPattern inspiration and abstraction 








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