Mirvish Village


Mirvish Village


This central commercial area of downtown Toronto is dominated by physical presence and local legacy of the Honest Ed’s Department Store. For the streetscape design, several integrated strands of research were pursued that carefully weave new spatial and visual elements into the area. A representational regime of patterning was developed that is based on deformations and combinations of the vaudevillian graphics of the Honest Ed’s facades.

The most public surfaces in precinct, including gathering spaces and principle sidewalks are fitted out with responsive surface-mounted lighting elements. These illuminated disks deploy with the gathering of pedestrians, responding to different situations and densities of occupants with distinct effects. Markham Street, and the adjacent service alley to the south of the Honest Eds store are recovered for pedestrian activity and local gathering and events via new patterned paving and landscape elements.


2008/2009: Unbuilt
Sub-title: Vaudville to Urban Village: Unified Streetscape Design
Location: Mirvish Village, Toronto
Principal Consultants: Denegri Bessai Studio, North Design Office, Drive Design
Client: Mirvish Village BIA



Plan of Development Area


Rendered Outdoor Landscape


Pattern as Ornament

Pattern Studies





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