Lightbox Fabrication

RELATED PROJECT: Delaware Residence 


Light and colour studies

The design and research focus for this project was upon pure effect – the delivery of complex patterned shadow and light characteristics to the space. A range of subdivision strategies were created and tested through combined computational models and physical scale models, and the most dynamic pattern was carried forward.

Testing was conducted to evaluate and explore layering, color distribution, levels of transparency and reflection, and shadow distribution. Compatibility with CNC machining techniques and material/ machine dimensions were projected and tested at 1:1.


Location: Delaware Avenue, Toronto, ON.
Project Team: Maria Denegri, Tom Bessai, Sophia Panova, Dave Reeves, Omri Menache, Dave Freedman, Alex Warwick
Digital Modeling, Lightbox: Tom Bessai with David Reeves
Contractor: Paul Caverly, Jeff Anttila


Experiments with LED lighting


Unfolded geometry templates


The lightbox assembly and installation


Finished lightbox installation




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