Light Weave 



To enhance the space of a basement bar, we designed and fabricated an acrylic screen to illuminate the adjacent countertop. We assembled the screen in layers of black and translucent acrylic in a way that resembles a pattern of woven fabric. 

The thatched appearance of the screen complements the overall aesthetic of the house, and gives the effect of weaving together two very un-weavable layers of material. The screen’s diffuse lighting comes from a perimeter lit LED strip; its colour is controlled through remote control. Being able to chose between a full spectrum of LED colours transforms the atmosphere of the bar, from cool blue tones for a relaxed evening or orange for Halloween parties.


Location: Oakville, ON
Project Team: Tom Bessai, Maria Denegri, Duncan Sabiston, Evan Wakelin
Fabrication: Antech Tehcnologies
Photography: Andre Almeida

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Test renderings


Installation of LED strip


Light callibration


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