Light Field




LIGHT FIELD is Denegri Bessai Studio’s competition entry for the 2015 Cool Gardens project in Winnipeg MB. The brief called for a contemporary art installation themed around shift of sensation for of ‘cooling’.

Our proposal juxtaposes the landscape of the site with a simple grid pattern of flower-like stalks that each contain a solar-powered LED bulb. The direction of each stalk reflects the contours of the hill, and combine to highlight the site’s unique topography. Together, they encourage a sense of engagement and playful interaction.

This public sculpture/installation is composed of 112 elements and contains a unique palette of materials. The stalk is made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) rod, this material allows each stalk to sway in the wind, while remaining firmly planted in the ground. The petal portion of each elements is a custom-designed 3-D printed part that attaches to the stalk to an LED bulb. The LED itself is a self-contained waterproof and solar-powered unit that provides 7 hours of light before needing to be recharged, completing the metaphor of stalk, petal and seed.

Remarkably simple, LIGHT FIELD is a public lighting installation designed to foster a sense of pedestrian engagement in an otherwise under-utilized space throughout the summer months.

Location: Winnipeg, MB
Year: 2014









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