Laneway House 01



front and rear views


Part of a growing body of work in our studio, Laneway Housing 01 is our first project to take advantage of the 2018 changes to Toronto’s zoning by-laws allowing for the construction of secondary suites facing a laneway. Through careful spatial planning, attention to proportion and material simplicity, we arrived at a design solution that prioritizes affordability and construction efficiency without sacrificing performance or aesthetic appeal.
Modest yet sturdy materials are applied throughout to ensure the home’s long-term durability while strategic window openings and a sheltered balcony space provide abundant natural light and access to the outdoors while maintaining privacy for the occupants and their neighbours.
Location: Toronto, ON
Status: Approvals
Expected Year of Completion: 2019
Type: Residential, Laneway Housing


siteplansite plan



ground level (left) and second floor plan (right)




Architect: Denegri Bessai Studio
Structural Engineer: Kieffer Engineering
Mechanical Consultant: YMSD Consulting
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