Kendal Avenue House


Interior and Ripple Wall


This residential house renovation in Toronto combines the two halves of a semi-detached residence in the Annex for a young family. The main floor and basement are for a couple with children, while the second and third floors are for their retired parents. 

The idea was to use a warm, flexible material in a highly sophisticated manner to create a unique marker for the entrance of the home. While clearly marking the transition between the two sides of the building, one for living quarters and the other for dining and entertaining. The large public rooms interconnect and the bedroom wing is structured with built-in storage and shelving. 

The interior’s white walls and clean modern lines are offset by the warmth of oak flooring and a dramatic feature ‘Ripple Wall’ made from seventeen hardwood maple panels patterned and cut using next-generation digital modeling and fabrication technology. The design pattern was generated digitally and transferred to the wood using CNC techniques. This wall, whose texture is as enticing up close as it is from far away, animates the entryway while marking the threshold between public and private areas.


Location: Kendal Avenue, Toronto, ON.
Photographs: Jesse Colin Jackson



Living Room






Featured Wall


Composite Diagram of Interior





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