Grasett Park

Corner view

The Grasett Park is a commemorative City of Toronto Park at Adelaide and Widmer Streets in Toronto.

The park commemorates the sacrifice made by Dr George Grasett and his Canadian colleagues in order to accommodate an enormous influx of Irish famine victims/ refugees that arrived in Toronto’s harbour in the summer of 1847.

View from window

The Irish were cared for within impromptu hospital facilities- fever sheds- that existed on this actual site in the city.
The Grasett Park design introduces a series of structural glass sheltering elements onto the site that create an informal passage populated by granite benches. The soaring glass shelters are directly printed with an ephemeral drapery pattern that is taken from cheese cloth, the modest material used in the original sheds to demise the beds of the sick.

Cheese cloth


The floor of the park takes the form of a city map – directly inscribed into large regular granite pavers.  It is the Cane map of 1842 and accurately describes the city of Toronto as it existed upon the arrival of the Irish.




Night view



Location: Toronto, ON
Year: 2015-2016
Technical Advisor: David Lieberman
Visualisation Renderings: Office of Adrian Phiffer


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