Daniels Cafe Door


Daniels Cafe Door


Designed in collaboration with The Graduate of Architecture, Landscape & Design Student Union (GALDSU), the Daniels Cafe Door was commissioned as part of a larger renovation to the Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design student lounge space.

The Daniels Cafe Door separates the space between the student lounge and student-run cafe, replacing an older (non-functioning) sliding door. Built from a dark-stained poplar frame, sandwiched between two layers of translucent acrylic, the new door establishes a fluid connection between the two spaces. Even while the door is closed, light and sound are able to pass freely between the two rooms, creating an inter-connected student-run lounge/cafe space for students, faculty, and staff to eat, relax, gather and enjoy.

The door pattern ambiguously shifts in scales between a geographic, or map-like reading, and axial urban street grid, while establishing a geometric dialogue with the architectural use of angled Warren trusses. The pattern implies a separate, but related connection across the various scales and design related disciplines contained within the school.


Location: Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, & Design, 230 College St., Toronto, ON.
Year: 2014-2015
Photography: Scott Norsworthy






Assembly diagram


Preliminary study model


Door fabrication
Door installation with GALDSU volunteers















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