Café Stripe



Denegri Bessai Studio was invited by the Interior Design Show (IDS) to design its Central Lounge/Café for 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Inspired by the optical art movement, Café Stripe is an immersive composition of lines and stripes. The pattern unifies each of the free floating café elements, bar, chairs, tables, couch, and privacy guard into a single design concept. 

The original conceptual design included sculptural tower elements made from flexible and light-weight engineered materials, which would act as 3-dimensional embodiments of the stripes. The towers, made from GFRP Rods, each contained a lighting element suggestive of a lamp shape. The towers defined a series of ‘rooms’.

Simple, yet visually stunning, the Café Stripe offered a great vantage point to enjo the keynote speakers and relax during the show.



Location: Toronto, ON
Year: 2016

Elevation and plan


Café bar and seating


Café bar and movable furniture


Café in use


Café in use


Concept models


Floor tape pattern


Stripe pattern configuration testing



Wall & floor installation


photos from Instagram





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