Barcode: a flex space for technology start-ups


iteration studies


Barcode, a collaboration between Denegri Bessai Studio, Nienkämper, and Plas-Tech, Inc. was one of three booths created for StartupSpace. StartupSpace, a special feature exhibition at IIDEXCanada 2014, showcased workplace concept spaces for startup tech culture. Denegri Bessai Studio’s concept is based on the premise Tech-start ups are a dynamic, fast-paced environment that prioritizes an open dialogue and sharing of ideas over rules and hierarchies.

Our concept space begins with the idea of spatial flexibility; vertical translucent panels are deployed in zig-zag formations that maintain a feeling of openness and fluidity throughout the space. This wall system, set at a 45 angle to the rest of the room, is intended to answer the spatial needs of the industry, they dissolve the orthogonal character of the box, and provide the opportunity to modify the number of panels, reconfigure the space, and easily expand it. The ‘pop-up’ character of the panels make their set-up time short, so start-ups can quickly hit the ground running.

Location: Toronto, ON
Year: 2014
Photography: Andre Almeida




assembly diagram


on-site assembly


model photos










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