AWN Queensway




The AWN Queesnway Lightbox combines pattern and light to animate the ceiling plane over the central merchandise area of an adult merchandise shop. The pattern emanates and sub-divides from folding lines in the geometry and diffuses the light. Its structure is concealed within the dominant geometry of the surface pattern while the surface is a smooth translucent acrylic. The Lightbox produces a range of natural and artificial ambient lighting effects in the space over the course of the day and night.
Through early physical models, folded spatial/structural compositions were studied. These models provided excellent feedback on the overall planometric and sectional dimensions of the feature in the space, and its registration with related design elements including prismatic triangular merchandise displays. Further physical models were created at larger scales to verify geometry, material attributes and ambient effects.
A partial 1:1 mock-up in steel and acrylic was created in collaboration with the fabricator in order to test general assembly requirements and connection details as well as to explore the folded seams at the range of local angles.


Location: The Queensway, Tornto, ON
Project Team: Tom Bessai, Maria Denegri, Duncan Sabiston, Andre Almeida
Steel Fabrication: CIM METALS INC.
Plastic Fabrication: ANTECH TECHNOLOGIES
Photography: Scott Norsworthy


unfolded geometry templates



detailed model/light studies


1412_queensway_0411:1 mock-up





steel frame after installation


detail of the screen




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