Argyle Strip


Argyle Strip on Robson Street


Argyle Strip will transform Robson Street into a festive urban tapestry with summer colours and playful patterns. The project proposes a series of three shaded seating clusters along the linear site. A geometric ‘argyle’ pattern of soft and colourful adhesive tiles textures the street surface and choreographs public movement and activity. Seating clusters are stitched across the diagrid and layer diagonal frame walls with diamond-shaped benches. Each composition will create exciting shadow and lighting patterns; parallax optical relationships engage intercrossing pedestrians. The walls are simple and affordable wood frames; the benches feature CNC-cut perforated plywood tops that resolving the patterning of the proposal at the most intimate scale of a picnic lunch or conversation.


Location: Robson Street, Vancouver BC
Date: 2014

detailed elevation


night view & exploded axonometric


site plan





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