Ambient Shroud: Park pavilion



The Borden Park Ambient Shroud project was entered in an open international competition held by the City of Edmonton Parks Department. The project proposes an outdoor pavilion structure as a space of sensory effect and spectacle. It presents a diaphanous and undulating shroud that is visible from across the park and surrounding areas. The contours of this figure take their shape from the glacial movement of ice formations, while suggesting the folds of a theatre curtain drawn around a performance stage. The shroud encircles a simply planned orthogonal concession and warm-up building. The lower hem of the shroud is gently lifted to let park users enter. Between the concession and the shroud is a zone of sensory, auditory and visual effects that is partly concealed; partly revealed to the park beyond. The ambient qualities of this space vary and change through-out the days and the seasons. In the winter, it is a warming space; in the summer a cooling space. The visual and sensory emphasis of the project connects it to the early history of Borden Park, once a space of entertainments and spectacle, while complimenting the calm pastoral qualities of Borden Park’s modernist heritage.


Above all, the Ambient Shroud Pavilion is intended to delight park-goers both regular and occasional with a range of natural and produced effects that deliver diversion and spectacle. This innovative design signals a new direction for Borden Park, one that will make it a destination for the diverse constituents that frequent the Northlands area. The project was awarded a Jury Citation in the competition.


Date: 2011, unbuilt
Location: Borden Park, Edmonton, AB.
Team: Denegri Bessai Studio, KIMIIS
Client: City of Edmonton Parks

Citation Award
Boden Park Pavilion Design



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