IN-SITU · Ottawa Public Art

Rendered View of Piece Tower and Dazzle Wall

The National Capital Commission (NCC) had been seeking to commission artists, landscape architects, architects and any other Canadian design professionals who have innovative ideas, for its 2012 InSitu project. The goal is to create unusual and compelling rest areas along Confederation Boulevard through artistic and functional interventions.

Site Views: Left – View from Piece Tower. Right: View Towards Piece Tower

Rendered View from Dazzle Wall Ramp

Both the Dazzle Wall and the Piece Tower engage cultural and historic material as well as the specific site condition along the Ottawa River. Both projects are conceived as pattern and geometry exercises relating to contemporary design practices and fabrication methods.


Rendered View of Piece Tower

The proposed Ottawa Piece Tower and Dazzle Wall are located at a viewpoint in Major’s Hill Park adjacent to the Ottawa River. The proposed installations enhance the look-out functions of the site, offering a sheltered rest area/ viewing pavilion and a meeting place.

Technical Drawings of Tower

The Piece Tower serves as a commemorative device in its overall form and position as a foil for the Peace Tower, and as a reservoir for thematic elements or ‘pieces’ culled from the different regions of the country.

Concept Diagrams for the Dazzle Wall

Assembly Diagrams for Dazzle Wall

Pallet Extraction – Piece Tower

Model Photo

Model Detail

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Year: 2012