Delaware Avenue

Delaware Main Stairs

Stair from ground to second floor

This Victorian home had a very narrow footprint, and the brief was for an upstairs renovation with nursery and increased storage to accommodate a growing young family.

Our solution was to gain valuable storage space by replacing the thick, Victorian interior walls with thinner ones, demarcating this extra space with a maple ‘liner’ that extended over entryways and around corners. The remaining walls are white with floor-to-ceiling custom doors to give the impression of space. Our theme was ‘demarcation’: to make the thickness of the older walls functional.

Delaware Walls and Linings

Left: Diagrams of Walls and Linings. Right: Second floor

Our client then expressed interest in our sculptural work, so we devised a plan to resolve the awkward change in ceiling height between the kitchen and a previous addition by designing a lightbox. Using the existing pot lights as markers, we created patterns of subdivision done parametrically to create a lace-like pattern. The lightbox is made of semi-transparent white plexiglas, which projects pattern onto surrounding surfaces in certain light.

Installing Delaware Lightbox

Lightbox Installation

Together, the maple addition upstairs and the kitchen lightbox achieve a softened, smart design solution that makes the most out of this narrow family home.

Location: Delaware Avenue, Toronto, ON.
Year: 2013
Photography: Alan Hamilton