Cottingham Screen Fabrication          Cottingham Residence



Base geometry diagram

Based on traditional Islamic patterning, this wall-screen occupies the landing between DB Studio’s renovation of the 3rd floor and the remainder of the house.


Overlaid patterning diagram

The screen pattern is mathematically derived from circles that radiate from the vertices points of a hexagonal grid.


Study model

A careful process of differentiation between cut-throughs, pockets, and engraving was developed to overlapping motifs, and give the overall effect of a quilted appearance and varying conditions of transparency and reflection.


Colour and lighting studies

After settling on a final design, we CNC-cut a 1:1 mock-up to experiment with custom detailing and possible lighting scenarios.


CNC/finishing work

The full scale version was CNC-cut and assembled by DB Studio at the DFALD workshop.


Screen installed on stair landing

The screen’s reflective qualities act to visually connect the two floors and bring out tonality and depth across two thin layers of sheet material.

Location: Cottingham Street, Toronto, ON
Project Team: Maria Denegri, Tom Bessai, Duncan Sabiston, Andre Almeida
Installation: Don Decouchay
Screen Fabrication: Prototyping and Fabrication and partial assembly was done at the University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture FAB Lab
Photograpy: Scott Norsworthy