Cottingham Residence          Cottingham SCREEN FABRICATION


exploded axonometric

Cottingham Residence is project for a 3rd floor interior renovation of a Rosedale house.

boy’s room

girl’s room

Interior of Third Floor

The interior volume of the third floor was maximized to provide space for two children’s bedrooms and bathroom.

3rd floor bathroom

Thoroughly detailed, the baseboards are recessed into the wall; they give a minimal appearance to the walls that seem to fold across the different rooms. The white walls respond to reflections from the outside, and enhance quality of light in the space.

wall screen

Based on traditional Islamic patterning, this wall-screen occupies the landing between DB Studio’s renovation of the 3rd floor and the remainder of the house.

wall screen – looking upstairs from second floor

Made from patterned layers of translucent and sold acrylic, the screen’s reflective qualities act to visually connect the two floors and bring out tonality and depth across two thin layers of sheet material.

Location: Toronto, ON
Photography: Scott Norsworthy