The Alphies

Alphies Educational Toys

The Alphies are prototypes for a set of educational toys that introduce children to the letters of the alphabet through interactive learning. Designed for a client interested in developing a set of alphabet toy characters, The Alphies are laser cut and 3D printed prototypes to test a 3-D version of the toy, and generate interest in commercial production.

Alphie Personalities
Each of the 26 alphabet characters and 10 numbers have a unique personality and likes. For example ‘Alphie a’ is very animated, its hobbies include archery and acrobatics. Through their combination, the Alphie team believes the Alphies are an effective tool for early language learning.

Alphie 3D prototype
Denegri Bessai Studio’s role was to develop the 3D prototypeS from a set of diagrammatic 2D drawings. The characters were produced in consultation with the client, using a combination of laser-cutting and 3D printing. Each of the Alphie prototypes was carefully hand-painted by DB Studio.

Alphie a


Alphie h



Alphie i


Alphie e

 Alphies upclose 1

 Alphies upclose 2